About Mohs Surgery

Core Dermatology will soon be offering Mohs surgery!

Mohs surgery is the most precise technique used to excise skin cancer.  It is the treatment of choice for most high risk basal cell carcinomas, squamous cell carcinomas, and several other types of skin cancer.   

During Mohs surgery, the skin cancer is excised in stages.  In the first stage, the surgeon removes a small margin of normal skin around the visible tumor.  This sample is processed by a histotechnologist in a way that allows the entire margin to be seen.  The surgeon then examines the microscopic margins to determine if any skin cancer is still present.  If there is remaining skin cancer, the surgeon uses a color coded system to excise the cancerous cells in the precise location where they remain.  This process is repeated until all of the cancer is removed.  Once the cancer in removed, the surgeon closes the surgery site.  

Mohs surgery offers the highest success rate of all types of skin cancer treatment.  If performed by a fellowship trained Mohs surgeon, the cure rate with Mohs surgery approaches 99%.