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Meet Dr. Contreras

Are you looking to improve the appearance of your skin? Are you searching for a dermatologist with almost 20 years of aesthetic treatment expertise? At Core Dermatology, patients can feel confident in knowing they are receiving the utmost care from a dermatology physician, Dr. Michael Contreras. From Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, Dr. Contreras’ focus on tried-and-true technologies delivers consistent results for most patients throughout the Denver, Colorado region. From wrinkle relaxers (such as Botox and Dysport) and injectable fillers, to lasers for sun damage, scarring, and wrinkles, Dr. Contreras works one-on-one with the patient, counseling them on the most reliable and effective options for targeting specific concerns or improving overall skin appearance.

Known for his down-to-earth approach and gentle humor, Dr. Contreras has built his reputation on effectively treating patients on their specific needs, and skill using an array of injectable products and laser devices. This has allowed him to create proven plan and treatment options most appropriate for your individual needs.