Earlobe Repair / Augmentation

Repair of enlarged or split earlobe holes is an easy in-office procedure done under local anesthesia.  There are many reasons people come in to have their earlobes repaired.  This includes trauma, like an earring getting snagged by clothing (or a small child), intentional stretching over time with various sized gauges, heavy earrings worn for long periods of time, or just age related laxity of the earlobe skin. 

Repair of earlobes can be technically challenging because the anatomy of the lobe is unique.  Optimal outcomes require choosing the right technique for the specific location and type of defect on the earlobe.  The procedure is done under local injected anesthetic and usually takes an average of 30 minutes per ear.  Sutures are typically left in for one week.  Re-piercing is usually delayed at least one month after the repair. 

In older patients who have lost elasticity and volume in their earlobe, injecting filler like Restylane can reestablish a more youthful lobe.  This can also easily correct the direction that earrings face when sitting on the ear.  Filler can last up to 16 months or sometimes longer in the earlobe. 

The pricing of earlobe repair varies according to the type and size of the defect, but it averages about $500 per ear.  Injected filler is usually $400 to $650 depending on the volume of filler needed.