Elective Mole Removal

Most moles encountered by dermatologists are completely benign in appearance.  Benign appearing moles are generally left alone unless someone is bothered by the appearance, or it is susceptible to irritation or trauma because of its location.  Dermatologic surgeons are skilled mole removers, as it is something we do regularly. 

It is important for your dermatologist to evaluate your mole in-person for two reasons.  First, it is important to confirm there are no features worrisome for skin cancer.  Second, there are subtle characteristics that will determine whether a shave removal or excision with sutures is recommended.  In some cases, laser removal can also be considered.  Obtaining optimal cosmetic outcome is always of utmost concern.  

Once a mole is removed, following the provided wound care instructions is essential to a good outcome.  Once the wound has completely healed, the appearance of the scar can be improved by a series of laser treatments that can improve the scar’s color and texture.

Elective mole removal is a relatively simple procedure performed in the office under local anesthesia.  If sutures are used, they are left in for an average of one week.  Given how easy the procedure is, many patients remark they never should have waited as long as they did to have their moles removed.  The price varies on the size and location of the mole with simple shave removals costing as little as $!50.  The moles are sent to the laboratory to confirm they are benign, which as a nominal additional charge.