Fillers (Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse)



Injectable fillers soften folds and replenish areas of volume loss whether due to aging, weight loss, or simple genetics.  Hyaluronic acid fillers and other fillers have been in use for greater than 20 years and typically last 9-12 months, sometimes longer, depending on the patient and where they are placed. 

Dr. Contreras has been injecting filler for almost 20 years and has developed techniques that optimize safety, results, and cost-effectiveness.  His experience in treating thousands of patients over the years will help you to establish realistic expectations for achieving your unique goals. 

Dr. Contreras appreciates every patient is unique and deserving of a custom-made treatment plan and result. 

Key qualities of a tailored injectable experience with Dr. Contreras

  • Expertise built over almost 20 years. Novice injectors are taught the “paint by numbers” approach.  While this may work adequately for patients in the middle of the bell curve, a bespoke injector understands you are unique and want better than adequate.  One size doesn’t fit all.
  • Risk reduction measures. No procedure is without some degree of risk.  Contreras uses tools and techniques to minimize this risk. 
  • Availability for follow-up and knowledge of what to do if there are complications.
  • Active listening. Your concerns are primary.  The goal is to make you feel better about what bothers you, not to create new areas of concern. 
  • Refined technique based on personal injection experience, research, and continued education with the goal of safely achieving the desired result.
  • Focus on realistic expectations and optimal outcomes for each patient.
  • Comprehensive treatment. Many injectors avoid treating certain areas with filler or wrinkle relaxers because they don’t have the experience to feel comfortable.  Contreras is adept at treating most areas on and off the face.
  • Reflective and adaptable to patient concerns, always with the goal of optimal results.
  • Adjustments or “tune-ups” at no, or reduced, charge based on the individual situation.