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Core Brightening Peel Overview

Core Brightening Peel - Before and After Results

The Core Brightening Peel is a superficial peel designed to improve the texture and appearance of discoloration, melasma, and sunspots. The peel involves a medicated mask and at-home regimen. There is no pain and little-to-no irritation during the application of the mask, and the irritation level on the following days is like a sunburn.

The mask is applied during an office visit, and removed by the patient at home after a required length of time, which will be designated by the doctor. Patients are then responsible for following an easy, at-home regimen, which involves the application of several products which will be provided during the office visit (Core Brightening Peel Aftercare Instructions.pdf).This complimentary take-home product kit is tailored to maximize the results of your treatment.



What is the Core Brightening Peel?

The Core Brightening Peel represents a new generation of chemical peels. It uses weak acids, combined with potent non-acidic ingredients that do not burn, wound or injure the skin. For this reason, Core Brightening Peel can be used to treat patients with darker complexions. While some patients may feel a mild tingling sensation from the peeling solution, the treatment is virtually painless.

How does the Core Brightening Peel work?

Core Peel Peel Solution is applied during an in-office visit. The solution is removed by the patient after a required length of time depending on his or her skin type. Patients leave the office with this solution on their face. Patients are responsible for adhering to an easy-to-follow, but strict, at-home regimen involving the application of several melanage products following removal of the Core Peel Peel Solution

What is the treatment like?

First, the medical assistant (MA) cleanses the skin using a special skin degreasing solution pad. Then the MA saturates the face with the Core Brightening Peel solution and applies the solution evenly over the skin’s surface, avoiding contact with the eye area.

The solution remains on for 6-7 hours, depending on the length of time recommended by the physician to achieve optimum results.

When the time is up, the patient washes off the solution using Melanage Anti-Redness Foaming Cleanser. Then the patient pats the skin dry and applies a layer of Anti-Redness Soothing Balm. The follow-up treatment continues for six days with morning and night applications of specialized Melanage ointments and creams. After a week, the applications continue in an abbreviated format.

What results can I expect?

Results will vary but generally patients will see an improvement in the appearance of their skin. Although most patients experience peeling, not every patient will notice this. If you do not see actual peeling, please know that you are still receiving all the benefits of the Core Brightening Peel. Proper skin evaluation by your doctor prior to your peel is important and will help predict the outcome of your peel.

Am I good candidate for the Core Brightening Peel?

The peel is safe for all skin types.  We do not recommend the peel if you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or currently breastfeeding.  If you haven't been seen in our office yet, we do require a consultation with one of our physicians prior to scheduling.  

How do I prepare for the Core Brightening Peel?

You will need to temporarily discontinue use of all retinoid products, glycolic washes, and salicylic acid washes 7 days prior to your scheduled appointment.  Please do not be tanned for the appointment.  Do not wear makeup the day of the peel.  

If you have a history of cold sores or a diagnosis of HSV (herpes simplex virus), you may need a prescription for prophylaxis prior to the peel.

What do I need to do after the Core Brightening Peel?

Core Brightening Peel Aftercare Instructions.pdf

Do I need to avoid the sun after the Core Brightening Peel?

Sun protection is vital to achieve the best results following your peel, especially in the first month.  We recommend applying the Core Protection SPF every day after your peel (you will receive this in your aftercare kit).  It is also important to wear a wide brimmed hat while outdoors.


Before and After Photos*

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*results may vary